Lower Elementary

This curriculum is for ages six through nine.  This curriculum  inspires students to become independent thinkers. Their work involves research, discussion, and large-scale projects. The teacher introduces an area of study with a presentation of key information or material and then guides the children in individual or small-groups that explore varied facets of the subject. 

The child is encouraged to ask herself/himself, “How well and how much have I done?” This approach is necessary to help the child develop a sense of personal responsibility, and also help them make their greatest contribution of talent and wisdom later in life.


The Perfect Solution for Families

The parents of Global Montessori Academy receive monthly newsletters that contain information on upcoming events, news, and other special announcements. We also conduct formal individual Parent-Teacher conferences two times during the academic year to discuss the progress and development of your child. Communication between parents and teachers is a key component in providing an enriching and positive learning experience for the children.


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