A Montessori School That Cares for Its Students

Our Founder



Mary Opatha is originally from Sri-Lanka, a beautiful resplendent island in the Indian Ocean. She attended college, later obtaining the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI). Mary relocated to the United States of America with her family and now resides with her husband and children in Fuquay-Varina. She then went on to secure an education in Early Childhood in North Carolina.

Mary has extensive training and experience of over twenty five years from working with young children and as Lead Teacher at recognized Montessori Schools in the Cary and Morrisville areas of North Carolina. In there, she came to be much loved, admired and respected by the administration, students and parents alike.

Mary has now started her own school, which is truly her vision come true. She delights in creating a community of families, and enjoys traveling, cooking and spending time with her family and friends.


 Global Montessori Academy is equipped with carefully arranged Montessori materials, furnished with child-sized furniture. Our stimulating and nurturing environment is designed to promote curiosity and learning. Our program is very individualized, which allows each child to progress at his/her own pace. The younger children are free to choose, move, manipulate, and explore wide variety of materials with guidance from our experienced teachers.Older children are responsive to the needs of the younger children, and the younger children learn to seek help from their more experienced classmates. We gather together at least twice a day for stories, songs or quiet group games, so the children can learn to become part of a larger group. The work time includes material from the following areas:

  • Practical Life
  • Grace/Courtesy
  • Sensorial
  • Reading 
  • Language
  • Workbooks
  • Mathematics 
  • Art
  • History 
  • Science 
  • Geography 

General Information



The parents of Global Montessori Academy receive monthly newsletters that contain information on upcoming events, news, and other special announcements. We also conduct formal individual Parent-Teacher conferences two times during the academic year to discuss the progress and development of your child. Communication between parents and teachers is a key component in providing an enriching and positive learning experience for the children. 



Parents are welcome to observe a Montessori environment at any time during the school year. Please see your child's teacher to arrange a convenient time. We suggest waiting at least 8 weeks after your child starts the school before making an appointment; this will allow your child to adjust to the new environment. 



 Global Montessori presents shows/performances put on by the children from their families and friends twice a year. These include combination of drama, music, and dance performed in December and June. 


 Children that stay for a full day will be taking naps in school and will require a small crib sheet and a small pillow or blanket. We kindly ask that you put these in a nap bag (can be purchased from the school for $ 15.00) with your child's name marked on it. Nap bags should be taken home on Fridays for washing.



 Parent's will have to provide snack for two times a day: a morning snack of fruit and juice, an afternoon snack (fruits, vegetables, crackers, juice, etc). 



 ​Birthday Parties can be celebrated at the school by providing lunch at 11:30 a.m. (pizza and juice) or snack at 3:00 p.m. (small cupcakes or a snack, juice). Parents need to provide all supplies for the celebration. If lunch is part of the celebration, parents need to notify the teachers the day before so children will not bring lunch that day. 


 Our policies are mandated by the Department of Health to ensure that our school maintains a healthy atmosphere for the children. Children who are ill need to stay at home for rest and loving care. If you child becomes ill in school, you will be notified immediately and will need to pick up your child. 


Please be assured that our staff is well prepared in case an emergency occurs while your child is at school. All members of the staff are familiar with the action plans in case of an emergency and are required to attend annual CPR/First Aid courses. Fire Drills are conducted once a month and children are taught what to do. 



Field Trips

I The children will go on a field trips routinely. Parents are welcome to chaperone / drive on these trips.