Explore Our Various Montessori School Programs

Infant & Early Toddler Program


3 months- 24 months Old

During the first three years of life, a child’s brain absorbs more information from the environment than at any other part of his lifetime. Every sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell is taken in and processed. It is an amazing, wondrous period in a tiny, complete human being’s life.

Our Montessori Infant/Toddler environment provides a safe, calm, carefully designed setting for optimal learning that nurtures the physical and spiritual being. Sensory, cognitive, language, social, and cultural activities address the natural tendencies of the child’s developmental process. Even at this early stage, a child is soon able to make choices for his own independence.

Within a safely prepared environment and under the watchful observation of the Teacher, the child is free to explore his/her new world. Teachers focus specifically on the developmental needs of the young Montessori children.

Toddler Program


2-3 Years Old

The children of this small community spend their morning in a carefully prepared environment designed to foster independence. Language enrichment, small and large motor activities and practical life exercises introduce the children to the Montessori approach to learning.

Children have the opportunity each day for social interaction as they work both individually and with the group. Toilet training plays a big role in the work of the children at this age and we work with parents to foster consistency both at school and at home.

Primary Program


3-6 Years Old

 Children in the Primary Class are introduced to a wide variety of activities designed to support and foster independence as they move toward mastery of themselves and their environment. Carefully designed lessons are presented by the Montessori guide in practical life, sensorial, language, mathematics and the cultural subjects, including music and art. The precision and beauty of the prepared environment is the perfect match for the young child's sensitive periods for language, movement and order. The clear and consistent ground rules of the primary environment strengthen the child's respect for others and their work. Montessori materials allow the children to explore their work sensorially and the guide to introduce new concepts in a concrete manner, thereby providing rich impressions and laying the groundwork for further study in all areas of the curriculum. 

Lower Elementary

Lower Elementary Curriculum:

is for ages six through nine.  This curriculum  inspires students to become independent thinkers. Their work involves research, discussion, and large-scale projects. The teacher introduces an area of study with a presentation of key information or material and then guides the children in individual or small-groups that explore varied facets of the subject. 

The child is encouraged to ask herself/himself, “How well and how much have I done?” This approach is necessary to help the child develop a sense of personal responsibility, and also help them make their greatest contribution of talent and wisdom later in life.


Summer Program


2-10 Years Old

 Don’t let your child miss out on this unique opportunity to experience hands-on learning through FUN activities that will stay with them for years to come. Global Montessori Summer camp is a camp for children ages 2 – 10 years. In this camp, the children can make new friends, learn, and create new things in a safe and nurturing environment. This camp is designed for kids to experience learning and socializing with their friends. We have an age appropriate curriculum designed that will keep the children moving, laughing, and enjoying the summer. 

After Care


3:30pm - 6:30pm

The extended day program is offered to children who require care beyond the normal classroom hours. Set in a comfortable home-like atmosphere complete with a variety of age-appropriate materials. Almost Home provides activities which complement the GMA Montessori program, including arts and crafts, story time, sharing, playground and a variety of other activities. Here children have the time to explore their interests in an unhurried and unscheduled fashion so that at the end of the day, they are fulfilled and relaxed as they prepare to re-enter their own home. 

 We also offer after school service for those parents with busy schedules. We will make sure their homework is complete and accurate. Transportation from school to GMA will be provided.